We chose to get the Bardi d’Alquier wine estate and the Bardi’s House certified by the
« Valeurs Parc ® » label.

Why ?

First of all, we are located in  the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park, a beautiful countryside, nationally recognized for its extraordinary heritage and its landscape values.

“Frome one side of the watershed to the other, here the water separates and flows either to the Mediterranean or to the Atlantic Ocean : here meet two different souths of France.”

Next, because we identify with the brand values : to give the choice of an ethical and ecologically responsible consumption through three different core values : 

• attachment to the land

• a valued and well-preserved environment

• and human at the center of all activities 

Finally, because « Valeurs Parc ® » represents a men’s and women’s community, being passionate artisans. Beyond that, we share our cousciousness of our  responsability towards the planet, and our wish to enhance this heritage for each and every one of us, for today and for the future.