perpetuating values and savoir-faire.

For many years a new chapter has started both in the history of the domain and in our lives. When you live in a winemaking region, it is quite natural to like good wines but it is not enough, or at least not anymore… For many years we wanted to also become actors of this viticulture irrigating the lands of Languedoc.

This is when an encounter happened, a beautiful encounter. First with the wine and the vineyards, but above all else with the winegrowers Jean-Michel and Véronique Alquier, who have been accompanying us for many years in order to transmit their savoir-faire, their values and passion for this vineyards they have put much effort into improving for more than thirty years.

This is how we are writing a new chapter in our lives. By rooting ourselves with pleasure in these lands of Faugères, humble, rigorous and self-demanding regarding our new job. And also with respect for this domain’s traditions, born of five generations of hard-working, fore-running and creative winegrowers.

The domain becomes BARDI D’ALQUIER to mark the continuity with its own history. We show our intents of investing ourselves completely, to progressively become winegrowers. And with time helping, to create and propose high quality wines. Always looking for this excellence that has animated the successive winegrowers of the domain.