Of men and wines


The Alquier family founded their domain in the heart of the Faugères village.


Already a forerunner, Gilbert Alquier plants the first Syrah of the appellation grafted on massal selection.


Jean-Michel Alquier, through his rigorous and self-demanding work, created his own renown.


Sophie and Thibaud Bardi de Fourtou join in the domain.

The Alquier family has owned the domain since 1870 and through generations of winegrowers, they have built its renown. In 1962, Gilbert Alquier was one of the first to plant syrah in Faugères, marking a decisive turn for the domain since a few years later this noble variety would give all its elegance and delicacy to his blends.

Jean-Michel, his son, succeeded him. For over 40 years, he focused on finding the right balance between innovation and tradition, by taking the best from technical advances while preserving the specificity of the terroir, its ecological balance to exalt the singularities of each vintage.

Today we slowly take over the domain under its new name BARDI D’ALQUIER. Jean-Michel and Véronique turn a page while a new chapter opens before us. This page will still be written with four hands for a few years since we remain associates in order to lastingly perpetuate the quality and the uniqueness of our wines.

Our aim is to extend the life of the Domaine, to become a part of this generational story, made of relentless work and perpetual self-questioning to create unique wines. Wines that express a strong character by blending the freshness of the fruit with the power and complexity of the Faugères terroir.
Put simply Emotion wines.