are the superior joys of free men.

Wine is magical !

We watch its birth in the vineyards, cut it from the vine during a nice and hot day of september, pour it in the tanks and proceed to pumping it over, racking it and devating it to finally age it in oak barrels, patiently slowly. We bottle it, with delicacy, dress it and address it to our passionate clients. Finally, it can be enjoyed in family or between friends.
Wine becomes a moment of sharing and communion.

After a professional life spent in many companies, with multiple responsibilities, in France and abroad, we wanted to change life and start this beautiful adventure. Grow a vineyard, grow our wines the best we can, learn step by step this new job of ours, winegrower. Through this decision, we search for a new existence, made of Freedom, of simple pleasures, of varied activities, in the fields, in the winery, by our clients’ side…

And we always meet beautiful people, because wine creates links. It links our humanities in a suspended time where pleasure can bloom. The eye, the nose, the taste buds, each of our senses is alert to taste and interpret the wine. Each one of us gives their own appreciation, their emotion, in more or less agile or expert ways, from the neophyte to the connoisseur, be they critic or promoter … what matters most is not the qualification of the person who drinks. Tasting is not a moment for brains, it is a moment of the heart and enjoyment.
The essence is the moment we share. That moment is given to us by the Wine.

And we happily participate in this joyous and magical moment !
This is what we like about his job both rich and diverse, both farmer and artisan.